The Arranger

  The Arranger

      Håkan Broström

Mamuntisunio, el photonius - Jalium calaniluitus

After many years of playing in big bands it felt quite natural for Håkan to start write big band arrangements.- "The Big band format has an ocean of possibilities and the variety of tools available can provide opportunities for working with parts that does not fit in smaller bands. There is so much new to discover!"

Håkan started to write for big       bands in the mid nineties and has  written for a lot of artists since then.

Artists like  Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dave Liebman, Chris Potter, Conrad Herwig,  Ebbot Lundberg, Joey Calderazzo, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Rebecka Törnqvist, Marilyn Mazur, ,Rigmor Gustafsson, Viktoria  Tolstoy, Meja,, Jennifer Brown, Movits, Doggelito, Sven Zetterberg, Fredrika Stahl, etc...

The arrangements  has been commissioned  by big bands like Norrbotten Big Band, NDR Big Band,The Swedish Radio Band and Stockholm Jazz Orchestra among others.

Here you can listen to some of the arrangements I made for different projects during the years. Please keep in mind that the recordings are from live gigs and the quality may not always be the best...

Here is my arrangement of Chris Potters "The Source". Performed by Norrbotten Big Band and Chris Potter

"The Gentle Warrior" is a compostion by Dave Liebman dedicated to the late Bob Berg. Here it is performed by Mr. Liebman and Norrbotten Big Band.

"Broström has a keen ear for orchestral color, and thanks to his perceptive arrangements, the Norrbotten band, in whose ranks he has worked as a sideman since 1993, has never sounded sharper or more accessible.".

Jack Bowers

All About Jazz

"Bridgewater synched extraordinary well

with the big band and Broström´s fine arrangements".


  Patrik Sandberg

  OJ March 31 2011

"Every song was so well arranged that it could be a concert of it´s own. My whole spectrum of emotions gets satisfied in every number".

André Stray

Norrbottenskuriren 120312