Here you can read about Håkan´s recordings as a leader and as a sideman


  As a leader

                                 Episodes From the Future

                                             and the Past

                                        Håkan Broström with

                                                  Norrbotten Big Band

                                                featuring Marilyn Mazur




    Håkan Broström Quartet with

    Joey Calderazzo,Martin Sjöstedt and

     Daniel Fredriksson

New Places

7 compostions for big band

and 5 for Strings and Soprano


Do You Remember?

with Palle Danielsson,Anders Persson and Bengt Stark

Still Dreaming

with Tim Hagans, Marc Copland, Jeff Hirshfield and Christian Spering

Celestial Nights

with Bobo Stenson, Christian Spering and Anders Kjellberg

Dark Light

with Bobo Stenson Christian Spering

Max Schultz and Anders Kjellberg